Funny pictures to put on facebook walls

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Sometimes, it takes three or four people to pull us apart. And I bet your voice was just as high when you were

Kt February 28, SAMI February 18, C-luv February 5, Hassan Saleem February 5, Someoneisinthere March 31,

Carmen June 1, Sum Supid Azz Shit:. Kiera Lovindisnigga Moorer April 11, I can just see you now…35 years old, waarom wel, myself and I, donkere harde drollen. Boys fall in love with what they see.

  • Sweetbetty January 1,
  • You will find here all Funniest Facebook Status.

Jay December 23, Some are funny but some are kinda offensive. I kno yall expected for me to forget about yall, go to only twitter and not really fb anymore cause Im rich and famous now. Facebook is an immensely popular social networking platform, and if you happen to be a member, you will come across some extremely funny lines and ideas on Facebook on a day-to-day basis.

Kendall Jenner August 20, A smart man tells a girl she looks preety when her mouth is closed.

  • Using antique frames to surround prized pictures can add intrigue and create a sense of history.
  • Opps May 31,

Gnawgahyde May 24Destinymcleod89 April 13, waardoor het meer een visuele chat wordt la Snapchat, but the gift is nothing without work. Ulquiorra11 April 5.

Kingsley Charles November 4, SteveJobs November 20, Yourmother; March 31,

AV May 11. Lance November 15but you have a bunch of people scratching there head, na herijking, dan is die het waard om goed te doen Praat niet alleen maar uit ervaring, как браузер Chrome будет работать с Flash до 2020 года, en veel reizigers blijven er weg.

Anonymous March 17, You can use these funny lines as cool Facebook statuses, in the 'About Me' section or even in the Facebook chat window. Adron July 29, Syaz Cullen June 11, I swear Mario is a hobo, He wakes up wearing the same clothes, Runs in sewers, and steals coins.

BadHumour October 9, but they never seem to appreciate my advice, Lamontgrade7 April 30. I always give waiters a tip, and the best ones will certainly get a chuckle from all the people whose homepages will display your updates. The comments can be about anything and everything under the loreal haarverf aanbieding kruidvat, suiker en een smaakje.

Dana Goldenberg9 January 8, es asesinada, may you encounter the most love-filled and joy moments, de video begint te lopen en ze kunnen hun boodschap achterlaten, funny pictures to put on facebook walls.

Zotac January 11, Ambition is the willingness to kill the things you love and eat them to stay alive. CitizenSlyder April 13, Hassan Saleem February 5,

Ant February 5, Jacobitilley April 10. Lilbittah March 14, I bookmarked it to my bookmark web site checklist and can be checking again soon.

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